A Throwaway Life

What has been my driving force to live and witness for the Lord throughout my life? It began with messages like the following that I heard in every Thursday’s chapel from Dr. Percy Crawford during my four years at The King’s College. He was a man of God who literally gave every ounce of his strength to serve his Lord in his brief 58 years. I share excerpts with you.

“What’s the good of living to 70 or 80? Of course right now way up there in age just seems an eternity away. It sneaks up on you, and that time comes right along, moves right along, moves right in, whether you like it or not.
“Life is short. We should look at life in light of the ultimate of that which is sure to come which is death. In other words, when I get through with my life, and we look back, what has been the purpose, the motivating power in our lives, that caused us to spend our lives as we did?. . . .
. . . .“There’s nothing wrong with being a teacher or an engineer or a housewife. But my objective is to use these means to ultimately bring men and women to a knowledge of the Son of God. Use every avenue possible, every dollar you can lay your hands on. To me that’s life.
. . . .“And if you’re going to be a soldier of the cross of Christ, if you’re going to be called and answer his call, you’ve got to have the equipment down pat, and know the Word of God…Not an armchair critic of it. Not saying, ‘I believe that doctrine and this doctrine; this one I’m not quite sure of.’ But letting these things grip your heart and grip your soul.
. . . . “We’re not sold out. We’re not yielded. We haven’t got the vision. ‘Where there’s no vision the people perish.’ And they’re perishing by the carload! My prayer is that The King’s College will prepare you mentally in all of these various subjects and inoculate you and indoctrinate with the horrible fact of an everlasting hell, and that you may make decisions in life in the light of the ultimate of that which is sure to come so that when you’re through you can look back and say, ‘Lord, I loved you, and I failed you so miserably. But I threw down my life. I’ve thrown it away for you.’ What an honor! What a privilege! If The King’s College fails to do that, and to turn out men and women with that objective, we have failed. We’re simply another educational institution.”*

*Excerpted from A Thirst for Souls by Dan D. Crawford

“Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars.” Daniel 12:3
Are you motivated today to reach out to friends and neighbors to share the gospel?

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