About Leon

My goal is to exalt Christ in everything I do, especially in my writings.

I write a weekly devotional blog, at Guarded Hearts.net.  Current projects include two devotional books, one for Nature Lovers and one for Newcomers to Florida, and a Haiku Gift Book. I am a guest writer of devotional articles for Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). My recently published memoir, Naked With Clothes On, tells the story of my early life as the son of a sharecropper in Missouri, and how I found faith stronger than fear.

The Lord called me to himself when I was 13 years old in a small Baptist Church in Oran, Missouri and made me one of his treasured possessions. I enjoy spending time studying God’s mind, found in the Holy Scriptures.

In February 2015 Florida Christian Writers Conference awarded me 1st place for poetry, “A Haiku Cluster,” and 2nd place for my memoir Naked with Clothes On.

Published short stories include “Pet for a Day,” “Where the Road Turns,” “Shotguns and Liquor,” “A Haiku Cluster” in Driftwood XXXIV (Scribblers of Brevard 2015), “A Shadow Is Cast” in Gratitude (A Space Coast Writers’ Guild Anthology 2015), “God’s Watchdog” in Finding Our Wings (Spiritual Writers Network 2016), and “To the Keys with the Keys” in Spring (A Space Coast Writers’ Guild Anthology 2016).

Published works have previously appeared in The Secret Place, Time of Singing, Silver Wings, Haiku Hippodrome, and Lyrical Voices.

I also write monologues and dramatic sketches and have dramatized an evening production of DaVinci’s Last Supper as John 13 was read, followed by communion.

A retired communications and education university professor, I hold four earned college degrees, including a doctorate. I am an avid reader and enjoy spending time in nursing home ministry sharing Bible studies and being a friend to lonely people there.

Philippians 3:10 won my heart as my life’s verse, “I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings.” The Lord has privileged me to know and serve him for 69 years and to share my life with my wife of 60 years. We have four adult children, eight grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. We live in central Florida near the Atlantic Ocean.


2 thoughts on “About Leon

    • Thank you for your encouraging comment. I glad you enjoy my devotional blogs. I have had devotionals on CBN twice this past week. Hope you enjoy those also. Are you a blogger, have written any articles, short stories, or books? Would like to know what you do. Let’s keep in touch. Leon

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