You Memorized What?

My wife and I enrolled in Bible Memory Association in our early 30s. As our children became old enough, we enrolled them too. The amount of Scripture to be memorized depended on age. Adults memorized seven verses per week and recited them weekly to an assigned hearer. We were in BMA for five years. We eventually used Sunday afternoons to memorize entire chapters from the Bible.

However, I have never attempted to memorize the entire Bible nor have I ever known any Christian who memorized the entire Bible.

Then one day I read about a pastor in the Dominican Republic, whose name was withheld, who graduated from Pastor Training School in Barahona and asked his instructor for an audio recording of the Old Testament. He had already memorized the entire New Testament. Now he wanted to memorize the Old Testament as well. (I wonder what he will do when he gets to Leviticus and Numbers. I wish I could get in touch with him through the school to find out.)

I sat there. Stunned. Holding the complete Bible, not in my mind, but in my hands, trying to hold back the tears. My mind would not stop asking, What motivated that pastor to memorize the entire Word of God? I got so convicted that I could not even ask myself, How many chapters have I committed to memory recently?

As I reflected on our family Bible memorization, the Holy Spirit brought Psalm119:20 to mind, “My soul is consumed with longing for your laws at all times.” Are we American Christians near the reality of this verse? Perhaps the Dominican pastor is living in the experience of that Psalm.

And to realize he wanted the audio Bible because . . . He is blind.

One thought on “You Memorized What?

  1. How thankful I am to have the written Word of God to hold in my hands …and that I have eyes to read and see the written Word of God! How inspiring you and Emily are, to think of what you have memorized, and the unbelievable DR pastor – truly you are hiding God’s Word in your heart. God bless you for the encouragement, love Janey

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