God Frosts the Cake

Let’s review the purposes of sex. First, “the Lord created Adam and Eve, male and female,” Gen 1:27 so that they could reproduce. Second, the Lord God designed their sexuality to blend two separate bodies into one union. “They will become one flesh.” Gen 2:24 And third, to reward their reproducing and their blending into one, he frosted the “cake” with pleasure. Then this eternal Almighty Designer called all this very good.

Contemporary culture has neglected to review the biblical blueprint as explained in Genesis 1 and 2, so chaos, confusion, and cleavage have distorted God’s plan. The solution is simple: “To assemble correctly, follow the Designer’s  directions.”

I wrote a haiku about God’s approval of his plan.

Adam while you slept,
God slipped Eve into your bed,
then he left, smiling.*

When we enjoy our sexuality within God’s plan and purposes, then he keeps smiling. Don’t you covet His “smile” of harmony, contentment, and pleasure on your sexual relationship more than anything else?

*from my coming gift book, Incredible, God.

2 thoughts on “God Frosts the Cake

  1. This could be my favorite Umbilical !! The title is delightful and whimsical – the first sentence such a surprise ( given the title) and so unemotional – the scriptures are direct and specific – and then the “icing” is “pleasure”. “Chaos, confusion and cleavage” is an amazingly appropriate definition of modern day love, sex, marriage and family 😦
    Love the haiku – I will copy it and put it on Charlie’s pillow tonight 🙂 Thanks for reminding us of God’s plan, God bless you, love Janey

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