Ladies’ Hats and Hidden Preacher

I was usually bored in church services. So since women always wore hats, my best time-passing activity was studying their hats. Those with big hats I called “showoffs” and those with petite ones “shy” like me. This particular Sunday I sat behind a lady with a hat so large I couldn’t see the preacher no matter how I stretched, fidgeted, or crunched. So I leaned back in the pew and decided, if the roof sprung a leak, it wouldn’t matter, her hat was so large, I could hide under it and never get wet.

This Sunday, however, I listened to the sermon. Even though the preacher’s voice was monotoned and that large hat bobbed up and down, God’s voice penetrated all the distractions. The preacher explained that the Bible talks about two kinds of people God values. “Israel was his treasured possession”* and the church was his “own special possession.”** God made it clear that he has treasured possessions, the ones who wanted to live with him in heaven. All you had to do was let Jesus in your heart and bingo! I did that and became a T. P.

So I fell asleep that night knowing that if an oil lamp fell onto the wooden floor and turned our farm house into a flaming infernal God himself would be the first fireman on the scene to dash into those leaping flames. All right, angels, you watch as he dashes out of those flames with something wrapped in one of mom’s home made quilts. Me! Wow. The God of the universe to my rescue. I know I’m treasured for eternity!

*Psalm 135:4, **I Peter 2:9

Excerpted from my Childhood Memoir.

My next Umbilical develops a scientific fact about the human body you won’t believe.

4 thoughts on “Ladies’ Hats and Hidden Preacher

    • Walt, you can’t be serious. It’s treasured possession. Praying for you and Janelle.
      Thanks for following and commenting. Needed and appreciated. Meditation for today. Eph 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine according to his power that is at work within us. Wow! What a commitment.

  1. Ladies’ Hats – very timely in light of our pastor preaching from 1Cor.11 regarding propriety in worship, ex. head covering for women. In today’s world, hats are not a distraction, but I can certainly be distracted – music too loud, AC too cold, lights too dim 😦 What a blessing for you to write, and experience, “God’s voice penetrated all the distractions.” And then to hear and know that you are His T.P. – treasured possession! I’m NOT going to let the “hats” be a distraction any more – God bless you, love and prayers, Janey

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