But the preacher is boring!

“But Wilma, the preacher talks too much and he’s boring.” “Then pray for him.”
That was my sister’s response when I tried to make an excuse to stay home from church.
We can’t always choose things in our life, especially our parents, but if I could have chosen my sister I would have picked Wilma. But not when I was a child.
Yet over the years Wilma had instilled in me the commandment “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy” so after she was married, I faithfully took the bus to church every Sunday.
One cool September morning I attended not only Sunday School but also church. At the end of the pastor’s message, he invited all those who realized they were sinners and wanted to become one of God’s treasured possessions to come forward.
I walked down the aisle and he asked, “Leon, do you want to go to heaven?” “Yes,” I replied so softly that he had to ask me again.
That afternoon I said, “Mom, can I tell you what happened to me at church this morning?”
“Sure, Leon, did you get sick or something?”
“No, Mom. I made a decision today that I want to go to heaven to be with Jesus.”
That night as I lay on my bed, I thanked the Lord that I was now one of His treasured possessions.
There are a few people who have cast shadows of influence on my life and my sister is one of them.
Is there someone in your life whose influence has made a difference? Why not start the new year off by dropping them a note of thanks for what they mean to you.
Excerpted from Naked With Clothes On by. D. Leon Pippin

2 thoughts on “But the preacher is boring!

  1. Good suggestion. I saw a “joke” today. A little boy told his mom he had decided to become a minister. She asked why. His answer: “If o gave to go to church anyway, I would rather be up there yelling and shouting than having to just sit there and listen.” Ha.

  2. Carol died Nov 13. Since then I have been like a boat without a sail. I am having trouble finding direction. She was my world. But I have gone back and read through some of the Guarded Heart messages from you and they are a tremendous help. I have them all from back when I first signed up I am making them part of my daily devotional now, and because of that, I think I’m gonna make it. Thanks so much for you, Leon, and also to your wife for her contributions to the Family Tree. So far away, you two are a real blessing to me, and many others.

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