Five R’s for the New Year

RETURN all my soul, mind, heart, and body to you, Jehovah, with weeping and fasting. Joel 2:12

RENEW my appetite, everlasting Father, for your eternal Word. Jeremiah 15:16

REVIVE me, Sovereign Lord, to be a praying-continuously devoted follower. Psalm 80:18

REKINDLE the first hot love I once had for you, Redeemer Jesus, in my frigid self. Rev. 2:4, 6

RESTORE the joy of Your deliverance, holy Comforter, to my dismal, frozen heart. Psalm 51:12

One of my sons reminds me to think of these as commitments, not resolutions. Mikey’s Funnies listed 28 resolutions for this year that will be easy to keep. Five of them are to gain weight, stop exercising, watch more TV, get further in debt, and focus on the faults of others. These take no commitment, right! But to work on the 5 R’s suggested above will take every ounce of commitment: our energy, self-discipline, agonizing prayer, and 100% trust in the Lord.

So let’s pick up the sword of the Lord and start charging away toward a victory in the 5 R’s in 2013.

Please print and post somewhere as reminder throughout the year.

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