Grieving with Hope

Recently the Lord taught me a new lesson on how to live out the Scripture, “Mourn with those who mourn.” Romans 12:15.

After one of our small group Bible studies, a dear saint with failing health came up to me, held both my hands, looked directly into my eyes through her misty ones, and said, “When you get to heaven find my husband, John. He loved words, especially the Word of God, as you do. You remind me of him.”

“How long has there been an empty chair at your table?”

“It seems like forever. Six years. He’d have gotten you in a corner and picked your brain.
You’re so full of the Spirit you bubble over.”

Still gripping my hands, Lynn told me that she doesn’t hear the lessons as clearly as she used to. I volunteered to send her additional review material. She asked if I’d send copies of our studies so she can share them with her daughter and a friend.

She lifted herself onto her tiptoes, hugged me and said,“God sent you here just for me.”

As she left, I silently cried out,“Lord, teach me to love with passion as Lynn does.” I determined to add her to my prayer list, to try to call her weekly, and send her encouraging notes.

“Dear Father of all comfort, I praise you for the renewal to ‘grieve with those who grieve.’ She’s lonely, hurting, and desperately grieving from the loss of her beloved John. You’ve reassured me that ‘You are familiar with all our ways’ and your holy Presence is a present help’”.

Please teach Lynn, my wife, and all of us who know you how to wait patiently for the reality of ‘He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. No more death, no more mourning or crying for the old life has passed away’. Amen.” Rev 21:4