Headed for Disaster

A tornado ripped through northern Oklahoma City. Officials warned residents to evacuate or seek shelter. My grandson decided to evacuate and go to visit a friend in Moore where the devastating tornado had ripped through just weeks ago. As he was driving, his iPhone reported that tornadoes were sighted in and around Moore. He thought, What have I got myself into? “I was fleeing from one tornado into another.” He got to his friend’s house and they immediately lost power and sought safety in their neighbor’s small shelter. Three adults and two small children huddled together in the darkness for more than an hour.

We don’t understand why God creates disaster, or why the tornado destroyed one town and not another just a few miles away. But Isaiah helps, “I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster, I, the Lord, do all these things.” 47:7 Whether the tornado merely disrupted my grandson’s plans or destroyed his friend’s home, we need to see God’s sovereign and loving hand controlling all circumstances.

We must remember that “saint and sinner alike benefit from God’s provision” of the sun and the rain. It’s a hard truth to grasp, but we need to be thankful that God sends us each day what he knows is best for all his creation. “He brings the clouds to punish men or to water his earth and show his love.” Job:37:13

When we learn to trust our God in the small “sparrow-like” inconveniences in our lives, we find ourselves then able to trust him in the major unexplainable disasters. As we sort through the rubble and destruction from a tornado or a flood, our faith becomes more elastic and our grip of trust on him brings peace

My grandson said, “I was scared, I prayed, and found the whole thing caused my faith in God to increase.” We are all learning that we serve a God who is unfathomable, but is in complete control of all of nature, and he directs our ways whether in deliverance or disaster to his glory and to our good.

Indebted to Jerry Bridges’ Trusting God