I Was Painting a Jacket

Do any of you know the old song, What A Difference a Day Makes?wedding-toast2

Well, today I am singing What a Difference a Year Makes. Sixty-one years ago today I stood in front of friends, attendants, and Rev. John A. Holt and said “I Do.” And I had no idea what that would mean.

That morning I had painted the black jacket on the cake top white because I was wearing the summer dinner jacket.

For sixty-one years I have seen the Lord’s faithfulness in every situation as Emily and I have shared our lives together. He has been faithful in giving four loving children, then faithful in the gift of eight delightful grandchildren and six great grandchildren. We have faced good times, times of testing, and times of disappointment but we have never faced even one moment when the Lord has not been faithful. I am reminded of Psalm 37:25 “I was young, now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken, or their children begging bread.”

I remember that as humans we are not righteous; all our righteousness is as filthy rags. Yet we have been declared righteous because all our sins have been forgiven. An eternal promise. How great is our God.

So today we thank Him for these rich benefits and acts of kindness. And I am singing What A Difference Twenty-two Thousand Two hundred Plus Days Make.

3 thoughts on “I Was Painting a Jacket

  1. Wonderful picture and great thoughts. Heard Ben Carson say yesterday he is richer than a millionaire. He knows the Lord and he was born in the USA. Gratefulness is the right attitude in light of God’s faithfulness.

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