Little Guns

David prays in Psalm 25, “Let not my enemies triumph over me” (2b). We often think of the enemies as being the big guns, such as rifles, military gear, tanks, but in this context they are the smaller guns, such as discouragement or fatigue.

The Lord let me know that my enemy now is fatigue. The chemo treatments make we tired and weak and so all I want to do is sleep or lie in bed. My wife and I worked out a strategy. She sets the timer and I write for one hour. When the timer rings, I take an hour rest. So far it has been a working strategy.

With confidence, David prays, that God will deliver him from his enemies because of the close relationship that he and God have developed over the years together. Their relationship is personal, for he says, “Oh, my God”; because God has delivered him previously from his enemies: “He rescued me from my powerful enemy”(Psalm 18:7); and because David appeals ”To you, O Lord,” that is, to “Yahweh,” the highest name to which any one can appeal for deliverance.

I’m learning again with David what it means to “lift up my soul” (Psalm 25:1) and trust in my God.

Join me as you lift up your soul to God in the confidence that He will help us triumph over our little enemies. As my daughter used to say when she was raising four teenagers, “Losing a battle once in a while doesn’t mean you’ve lost the war,” So when our little enemy triumphs over us, we get up, we pray for victory, and enter the battle ground once again.

One thought on “Little Guns

  1. If your one-hour increments are as powerful as this one, y ou’d better set that alarm more and more often. This came to me at a great time. I had a terrible battle working on formatting my newest book: “My Psalms and Choice Hymns:A Devotional Guide. I am trying to learn how to use styles settings for this complex book. Very frustrating. But, God in His mercy gave me moments of joy with friends at both lunch and dinner. And several Godincidences surprised me, especially contrasting with the vexing problems i’ve encounteted today. Keep those wise words coming, Dear Brother.

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