A Must-Tell Story

Last Sunday when I was too fatigued to attend my church’s worship service, a young couple from our fellowship agreed to give my wife a ride to the services. On the way home from church my wife commented that Pastor Scott always has a message to challenge a believer to grow. They said, “Yes, his messages are the reason we are both Christians.” And they shared a story that must be told. A story that vividly illustrates God’s orchestrating his love behind the scene.

Three years ago they attended a wedding that was conducted by Pastor Scott.

When the ceremony was finished, the couple said to each other. “He is so humble and so interesting to listen to; let’s visit his church.” They were not followers of Christ, but his message had intrigued them.

The couple came to the church service and became interested in the message so they decided to attend for a few times to find out more. After a few weeks they made the decision to trust Christ as Jesus Messiah, Immanuel, began attending Sunday Bible class, putting their little ones in children’s classes, joined a Bible study group and have become active in the church. This coming Sunday they will be greeters at the main door.

What the pastor shared was a challenge to the young couple just beginning their married life together, but it also reached into the hearts of another young couple and eventually made a difference for eternity.

It is a must-tell story because it so vividly illustrates God’s sovereignty and direction in our lives, for “he [God] will instruct him in the way chosen for him” (Psalm 25:12).

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