Burden Bearing

Often we read a passage of Scripture and then one day as we read it again, the Lord gives us new insight into its meaning. This happened to me when I recently read, “Carry each other’s burdens. . . . (Galatians 6:2). I experienced a progression of carrying someone’s burden.

My dear brother in the Lord just had both his legs amputated below each knee. I just broke down and sobbed my heart out for him. I mailed a card filled with words of encouragement on it. I called to see how he was doing and assured him I was praying for him. And I went to visit him.

He was sleeping when I went into his room to visit him at the rehab. For awhile I just sat by his bedside, silently praying for him. His eyes opened and he gave a faint smile when he saw me. I read two Psalms to him and then prayed with him. He finally said, “Brother, just your presence cheers me up.” Was it possible that just being there had somehow helped to lift his burden? I pray that is so.

I gripped his hand and as I said goodbye, I rejoiced that the Lord had me experience the new meaning of bearing my dear brother’s burdens. An old hymn by Ira Sankey we used to sing was ringing in my heart, “Burdens are lifted at Calvary, Calvary, Calvary. Burdens are lifted at Calvary. Jesus is very near.”

Having recently been twice in the emergency room and then in the hospital I was the recipient of dear friends from two churches visiting me and helping to bear my burdens as they prayed with me. How deep is the Father’s love for each of us.

When we start looking for ways to lift our brother and sister’s burdens, then we’ll discover the energizing power of our resurrected Lord and the pleasure it brings to His heart when we help to lighten someone’s load.

One thought on “Burden Bearing

  1. Sweet brother, you are an inspiration to me. What a gift you are to those who know you, and more importantly, know you as a prayer warrior. While hundreds of believers have been praying for you, you have been using your precious energy to visit others
    Thank you for your witness and testimony that God gives enabling strength to do His work. God’s not done with you yet, dear brother!

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