God and His Rainbow

Driving home after a gentle rain, my wife and I witnessed the largest, most colorful rainbow we had ever seen. As soon as we got home, I rushed to read Genesis 7-9:18*, the full account about the rainbow. It caused me to research more about the rainbow online.

I was surprised to learn that rainbows are caused by sunlight reflecting on raindrops. The outer edge arc is red and the inner edge is violet with four colors that fan out in between to so many colors scientists can’t give them specific names. And what is more amazing is that no two people see a rainbow the same.

God had already formed the rainbow (9:13) and chose it as a sign for his covenant with Noah, an unconditional agreement between Himself, Noah and family, and all the animals that “never again will I destroy all living creatures” (8:21b). God saved Noah because “Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time and he walked with God ”(6:7). It seems significant that the Scriptures talk only about Noah’s faith, not his family’s faith. And Genesis 6:22 sums up Noah’s obedience to God, “Noah did everything just as God commanded (6:22).

It took seven days to load the ark, but I suggest it took seven hours to vacate their smelly confinement. When God told Noah to exit the ark after having been in his house boat for 371 days, Noah immediately worshiped God by building an altar and sacrificing burnt offerings (8:20).

Because Noah reflects a great faith example and utmost confidence in his God, we can fully trust God also in all of life’s challenges and uncertainties. He remembers all of us individually and prepares us for different tasks: to test our faithfulness and stretch our faith to “walk” with Him as close as Noah did.

Our tasks won’t be involved in being tossed around for seven months in a huge house boat and resting for five months somewhere on Mt Ararat (8:4) with animals to feed for a year. But God is righteous; He always does the right thing. He rewards obedience and total commitment as Noah exemplified, and they continue to be “living examples” in the Holy Scriptures.

Are we living as blameless among the people of our time and as close to our Lord as Noah did?

*To get a complete grasp of the rainbow as a sign of God’s covenant with Noah, you will want to read Genesis 7-9:18. Like me, I promise you’ll see things that will delight and surprise you.

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