Angels Unaware Reversed

My wife recently advertised a set of juggling pins for sale that had been used in the musical Carnival which she had directed a number of years ago. A lady called interested in buying them for her grandson who is learning juggling. She and her husband dropped by. The pins were a treasure to her, so she paid and they left. A few minutes later, our doorbell rang. There she and her husband stood.

Her husband had backed into the neighbor’s driveway across the street to turn around and inadvertently backed over a drainage pipe and couldn’t get out. He used our phone, called Triple AAA and was informed it would be at least an hour before the tow truck could be there. They planned to wait in their car.

“Nonsense,” we said, “come in.”

My wife had some left over muffins she had baked for her Bible study that morning So we invited them to have coffee and muffins. They were so grateful and the wife called us “angels.” I’d been called lots of things in life, but never an angel.

Russ, her husband, got another call saying it would be another hour before the truck would be there to help him. So we invited them to play the game Phrase 10 till the truck finally arrived.

They were so thankful for our friendship and hospitality. We haven’t known such grateful, thoughtful people in a long time. We arranged to get together for lunch with them later hoping to share the Lord with them before they went back north.

That morning, God orchestrated our lives both to be enriched and to enrich. We were reminded of Hebrews 13:2, “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” However, they called us angels so we call them “angels unaware reversed.” How thankful we are that my wife decided to sell those juggling pins!

6 thoughts on “Angels Unaware Reversed

  1. Yup! I recently titled a writing piece “Sometimes Angels Wear Clothes,” for just that reason. Great story and a testimony to you and Emily who ate so hospitable and loving, and indeed qualify as angels with clothes on. Notice the similarity to your book title?

  2. I have such find memories of participating in Carnival with you! So neat to hear how God used those juggling pins as an open door to a conversation! Thankful for you!

  3. Isn’t is special when God gives us opportunities to bless others kinda “spur of the moment”? A sweet morning for all of you. Thanks for sharing, love Janey

    • I know little of this but you do. God uses you and your house all the time. You are an encouragement to many. Thanks for all your comments. But more important, you as a dear sister in the Lord.Leon

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