My DVR Failed

I enjoy watching sunsets. More than most people, perhaps more than almost everyone. It is a time for me to reflect on the day–did I further the kingdom? Did I love people? Did I bring joy to the world? It is a pleasure to watch it together with my wife. It means much more to me than celebrating New Year’s Eve.
Today, as the sun was setting, I became distracted by my work and when I looked up, the sun had already set. I missed it! Naturally I wanted to reached for my dvr remote to rewind and see it. But you can’t do that in REAL life. When your day is gone, it is gone. Oh, I missed a good one too, based on the final remnants of it.
When we end each day, do we ask God how we did today? Should we? I want to do better each day, another day to run the race, to fight the good fight, and to keep the faith. One day closer to hearing “Well done” from my Savior, my Creator.

Brett Alan Pippin, Guest Writer

4 thoughts on “My DVR Failed

  1. Well said, Brett. Nice thing to do, watch the sun set. I love the sun rises, another day, another opportunity to listen to Gos’s guidance, read His promises and to serve him in whatever way possible.

  2. I love sunsets too – and you made two important points as you reflected on missing it by being distracted. Once the sun sets, it’s over, the beauty fades – never to be repeated, ever! And even when watching it intently, the beauty lasts a very brief time. So thank you for reminding me to stop, focus, enjoy – God’s creation is amazing!

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