One Sleepless Night

One night when I couldn’t sleep, I found myself singing, “He the Pearly Gates Will Open.”

As my heart kept singing, my mind kept thinking of the promise in Psalm 42:8, “At night His song is with me.” And that night it was. The melody kept me worshiping and praising Him, surrounded by His nocturnal presence.

As I kept humming and singing, the pronouns seemed so significant.

“He the pearly gates will open.” Jesus Himself will welcome me into heaven.
“So that I may enter in.” Personal, individual. Known by my name.
“For He purchased my redemption .” Bearing my sin in his own body on the cross.
“And forgave me all my sin. ” Removed as far as the East is from the West.

Revelation 21:21 describes in word pictures “The twelve gates, each made of a single pearl.” The song writer Fred Blom compressed the imagery of twelve gates into one, but the richness and beauty is still a reality.

I imagine Jesus opening the pearly gates, taking my hand with his nail-scarred hand, leading me up to the throne and saying, “ Leon, this is my Father, and He’s your Father as well.”

Even if you’ve never heard this hymn or sung it, just think of a praise or worship song that keeps singing in your heart and let those lyrics cause your heart, if not your lips, to worship and rejoice when you’re troubled or having a sleepless night.

As I began rubbing my eyes, praise and anticipation lulled me to sleep in the arms of the One who never slumbers nor sleeps,” the One waiting at the pearly gates for each of us who knows the Lord.

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