Chasing Outlaws

Averell horseThe Bible is my favorite book today.  It is filled with exciting stories of God’s protection and rescue in times of peril. However, when a child on the farm, I treasured my Big Little Books more than anything.

My first one, 4 5/8 inches wide by 4 ½ inches high, and 1 ½ inches thick, featured the Lone Ranger. The story was on the right side and pictures were on the left. And an added feature was a thumbnail sketch in the upper corner of each right hand page. When we held the book tight and flipped the pages fast enough, Lone Ranger ties up an outlaw and takes him to the sheriff just like a movie.

The cover of the Big Little Book was coming loose from the spine with a few pages torn a little, but the Lone Ranger and Tonto still chased the outlaws and rode through those pages with smoking guns, and “Hi Yo, Silver, the Lone Ranger rides again” echoed from page to page. The Big Little Books always had the hero win over the outlaws.

My little brother Dick couldn’t read so he looked at the pictures as I read aloud. As I did, Dick cheered the Lone Ranger’s horse Silver onto run faster so the masked man could jump on a bank robber’s back, pull him off his horse, tie him up, and take him to jail.

The Bible, full of drama and adventure, as in God hurling Satan out of heaven, lets me chase truth that puts evil thoughts on the run like the Lone Ranger did with the outlaws.

My goal, as I keep reading God’s Word, is that I’ll arrive where the psalmist did, “Your statues are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart” (119:111).

Read with me until we become such lovers of His words that His Book becomes the joy of our hearts and we keep chasing Satan’s outlaws.

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