An Unsung Mother Theresa

As my wife was struggling for an appropriate title for an essay she had written about her mother on the subject “Gratitude for Someone Who Has Touched Your life,” I suggested “An Unsung Mother Theresa.”

“My mother began making a ‘home away from home’ for mothers’ sons when we lived in the D.C. area. Servicemen sitting alone at the Hot Shoppe restaurant were invited to our home for pie and Swedish coffee. Many made return visits and stayed in touch with my Mom for several years. People down on their luck were given a place to stay until they could afford an apartment. We never had a large home, but there was always room for another “bed” in the living room, on the long enclosed porch, and sometimes in the dining room.

“Mom began to take her three daughters to Walter Reed Army Hospital on Sunday afternoons. We visited with servicemen who had no family in the area. Usually we went to the amputee or the hepatitis wards because most people didn’t want to visit those. We girls sang, talked with them about their families, and wrote letters for them. Emily became their ‘Mother’ away from home, and they called her Ma Person. When they were well enough to have an overnight or weekend pass, they were invited to our home.”

These are just a few examples of her Mother’s benevolent kindness to so many people.

How about if we start using our free time to become a Mother Theresa to someone as my wife’s mother did? Locate children and teenagers needing a foster home, such as in Nana’s House. Care for unwanted babies needing Christian families until adoptive agencies can place them. Serve day workers and the homeless who need bag lunches. Visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities to show them real love as Apostle James suggests in James 1:27, “Look after orphans and widows in their distress.”

When these “good works” become a lifestyle for us, then we’ll be living examples of “Show me your faith without deeds and I will show you my faith by what I do” (James 2:18).

As there were no strangers to my wife’s mother, may there be no strangers to us.

3 thoughts on “An Unsung Mother Theresa

    • Linda, she was a very special lady. I am so privileged to have known her. She loved unconditionally and treated me as one of her own children at every turn. Thanks for responding and for praying for me and for Emily.

  1. Hi Leon,
    That’s a great title that truly describes Emily’s mother; and gives a beautiful expression of sharing God’s love. To think of Emily and her sisters singing to the wounded soldiers brings tears to my eyes – “train up a child” in the most important ways! Thank you for sharing that special woman and her ministry with us, love Janey

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