Papa’ Last Card?

My eight-year old great granddaughter Elena was writing a thank-you note to me for a recent birthday gift, Stories from Grandma’s Attic. Her mother shared this story with me. Elena laid her pencil down, looked up at her mom, and asked,

“Is Papa still sick?”

“Yes, Elena, he still has cancer.”

“Is he very sick?”

“Yes, Elena, he’s very sick.”

“Then I better be extra neat. This may be the last card he’ll ever get from me.”

When I heard about that story, I cried–cried for joy. What a thrill for a young child to be that concerned for her Papa. I prayed, “Heavenly Father, how encouraging that her parents are filling her young heart and mind with your eternal truth. Keep Satan from snatching away the good seed.”

I know that my granddaughter Michelle and her husband are doing for our three great grandchildren what Joshua commanded Israel: “Be careful to love the Lord your God, to live in his ways, to obey his commands, to hold fast to him, and to serve him with all your heart and all your soul (Joshua 22:5).

Of Joshua’s five commands, the one “to hold fast to him,” conveys a great truth that we hold onto the Lord as we hold onto things of great value to us that we don’t want to lose, such as
a diamond ring or a child’s tattered teddy bear, yes even Elena’s card.

I opened my Papa card and reread my precious great granddaughter’s message to me. It says something more than just “thank you.” And between the lines, it says, ‘I love the same God that you love, Papa.’

2 thoughts on “Papa’ Last Card?

  1. Oh My! What sweet emotions that posting has for YOU and for all of us blessed to have grandchildren! How tender is her heart! God bless you and God bless Elena, love Janey

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