Soap Bubbles

Bubbles 3

My grandson Michael enjoyed chasing soap bubbles. They lasted until he jumped up and his small hands smacked them. Wham! The bubbles vanished.

And so did the years. When Michael was a sophomore in high school, his friend David shouted to his mother as they drove off for school, “I’ll be home right after football practice, mom.”

“Ok, see you then. Come right home.” His mother had invited a few classmates to a surprise birthday party for him that night. His grandparents, his family, his girlfriend, and his friends were going to be there to celebrate.

Once again, the years like chasing soap bubbles vanish. The young men finished college. His friend David went to the mission field, and Michael, now working in Atlanta, and his friend Mike working in Fort Wayne, play long distance video games every Friday night.

Among the 20 images in Scripture for the brevity of life, there are five powerful ones. As swift as the click of knitting needles, a breath, a moan, a fleeting shadow, or water spilled on the ground. Job 7:6 (The Message), Psalm 39:11, Psalm 20:9, Job 14:2, 2 Samuel 14:14.

In our church, a 12-year old boy had battled with cancer since he was 4 years old. One day the Lord took him home. He was expecting to celebrate his 13th birthday but the soap bubbles vanished.

James 4:14 says: “You do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Is the Apostle trying to make us feel small and insignificant? No! He wants us to get the message. Life is short! There’s no eternal lease on this life whether we’re 16 or 66. We may not be at that surprise birthday party or go to the mission field.

So what do we do? We prepare ourselves for that brevity, the soap bubbles of life. We daily seek the loving God spelled out in His Word. As we swing our soap bubble wands, let’s be sure that they are God-filled eternal bubbles. They will never vanish!


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