Just Enough Milk for Morning Cereal

As I threw away the empty milk carton I pondered how many things we discard as disposable. We throw away pop cans, styrofoam trays that held leftovers from a meal out, plastic grocery bags, water bottles, and plastic silverware because we have no further need for them so they are “useless.” We have become so used to being a “throw-away” society that it has redirected our very thought processes, our very being.

It has become easy when trouble stares us in the face to throw away another human being and say, “Well, he can’t expect me to keep my word,” “I can’t be expected to be loyal to my employer,” “Why should I be true to my friend when she did this to me?“ and often we are led to ask the ultimate throw-away question, “Why should I stay in this marriage? It isn’t what I expected it to be.” We have little or no regard for those who will be affected by this “throw-away” question – spouse, children, parents, friends, and many who have looked to us to be an example of Christ’s love, care, and concern us.

However, life is not a “throw-away.” We are loved by the eternal unchanging God and He has promised that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We are reminded over and over again in the beautiful Psalm 136 that “His mercy endures forever.”

Whatever you are facing this very day, forget the throw-away mentality of our present world and cling to the permanent, eternal, everlasting mercy of God which endures forever. We are not throw-aways to Him. He will never discard us because we haveoutlasted our usefulness. His love remains FOREVER.


Guest Writer Emily L. Pippin

2 thoughts on “Just Enough Milk for Morning Cereal

  1. Hi Leon,
    Catchy title and good reminder and challenge – God is creator and everything He creates has value. Yes, lots of what I value will wear out and become worthless to me, BUT….. God’s love, mercy, goodness are everlasting!! Have a great family reunion, love and prayers, Janey

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