Devil made me do it

A man robbed the corner convenience store of $122.51. As he was leaving, he jerked his ski mask off and started laughing at his successful robbery.

He charged out the door straight into two police officers who escorted him to their squad car.

“Take your hands off me,” he yelled. “I didn’t do nothing.”

“Except get caught on a security camera pulling off your mask. So, why did you do it just for a few bucks?” the officer asked.

“Don’t get in my face, copper. The devil made me do it.”

If we must blame someone, then let’s blame the right person. We choose to rob stores, cheat on spouses, lie on income taxes, and bad-mouth our bosses.

What’s the devil share in this? He’s on the sidelines applauding our choices. Our wrong choices. We make him look good. He’s the author of the book on evil. Mark 7:23 says very clearly, “All these evils–like robbery–come from inside of man.” Not from an outside source.

If we must blame anyone for our evil choices, don’t blame the devil. This time, he had nothing to do with robbing that store.

Let me know if  you believe the devil is real?


One thought on “Devil made me do it

  1. Yes, the devil is alive and well. Only the Lord can help me minute by minute. Thank you Jesus for saving my soul! Love, Betsy

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