Cupped in His Hand

One day after school, some of us boys were walking home together, and a sparrow with a broken wing hopped in front of us. “Hey, a moving target,” one of the boys yelled, and they started pelting him with pebbles. He hopped faster to avoid the pebbles, but the boys threw faster and harder, laughing at him, trying to hop away from the stones.

I felt sorry for the bird, so I ran ahead, swooped up the sparrow, and cupped him in my hands. “Oh, look at the bird lover,” one of them said.

I petted the sparrow as another boy said, “Oh, come on, put ’im down, yer spoilin’ all the fun,” and peppered me and the sparrow with pebbles, then joined the others, laughing and tossing pebbles at other things.

I took the sparrow over to the underbrush, put him down, and talked to him. “You’ll be safe here. In a few days your wing will heal enough for you to fly.” He cocked his head up, so I squatted down and continued to talk to him. “Little broken-winged sparrow, the other fellows are gone, and if they knew I was talking with you, they’d probably put me away. But you didn’t fall to the ground without your Heavenly Father noticing you, so you’re in good hands.” I stood up, and, as I watched him hop into the tall grass, I said to him, “I wish my earthly father noticed me that way.”

Hey, our Heavenly Father does. Matt. 10:29

When you feel the pebbles of disappointment, resentment, and abandonment, hurled at you, you can also feel God pick you up, cup you in his tender hands, and reassure you, “You’re safe now. I’ll heal you and protect you through it all. You have my word on it, my eternal Word.”

Have you ever felt God cup you in his hands? Want to share it with someone? Let me know.
*Excerpted from my childhood memoir

One thought on “Cupped in His Hand

  1. What a touching, sad, hopeful, beautiful vignette. The imagery is so impacting – I could see you holding that sparrow! How true that we often find ourselves pelted with many “pebbles” – yet our Heavenly Father is always there for protection and comfort. Thank you Leon – your words are inspired, God bless you, love Janey

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