Mothers Be Praised!

A Tribute:

Dedicated to mothers, who, like Hannah, Samuel’s mother, “poured out their souls to the Lord,” for their children and promised. “I give [my child] to the Lord” I Sam 1:15, 28.

A Commitment:

“Honor your mother as the Lord has commanded you” (Deut 5:16). Honor is respect and submission to, and reverence for, one’s mother.”

Scripture fingerprints from mothers:

  • From my Memoir, “With a third-grade education, I saw my mother daily reading her Bible.”
  • Rebecca, a godly friend said, “My mother’s regular Bible reading gave her a quiet strength.”
  • A dear friend Barbara shared, “Because of my mother, I’m always in a Bible study group.”

Susanna Wesley’s devotion to Scripture and prayer:

She set aside an hour each day for herself for Scripture reading and prayer. She scheduled a private appointment with each of her ten living children once a week for encouragement. She started a daily school in her home for her children for the purpose of “the saving of their souls.”

A haiku.Image

For your special day with the scripture, “Hannah was praying in her heart [for a son], pouring out her soul to the Lord” (1 Samuel 1:13, 15).


A mother prays, then

watches her prayed-for butterfly

soar on fragile wings. dlp


Let’s Make a Memory:

Sing or read your mother’s favorite hymn.

Read a favorite Psalm of your mother’s to your child.


Mothers, this is YOUR day, so celebrate it to the fullest in the Lord. 

One thought on “Mothers Be Praised!

  1. Dear Leon,
    Your Mother’s Day writings are beautiful and a powerful reminder for me to remember and emulate Hannah as she “poured out her soul to the Lord” for her son. No matter how old my sons are, my mothering prayers continue.
    Because my mother was not a believer, I never saw her read a Bible or pray, but I tried to honor and respect her for loving me. Happy Mother’s Day to wonderful Emily, my love to you both, janey

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