Love Nailed to Wood

Love Nailed to Wood

We recently celebrated the death and resurrection of God’s paschal lamb. Consider two haiku about that event.

To say “I love you”
we send flowers or a card,
but God sent a cross. dlp

“Carrying his own cross, he went out to the place called the Skull. Here they crucified him” (John 19:17, 18). As we agonize over the right, perfect gift for our loved ones, so Jesus agonized over the perfect gift for us.

So obsessed with love
God sent an urgent message,
signed in his son’s blood. dlp

“With your blood [Jesus] you purchased men and women for God from every nation” (Revelation 5.9). We wandered off on our own and deserted God. So God nailed his son to the cross to buy us back. We might say, “We’re twice owned.”

You may want to sing the hymn “The Old Rugged Cross”or read the lyrics to have your heart, your mind, and yes, your very soul burst forth in reverent gratitude, “I praise you, Jesus, Lamb of God, for YOUR old rugged cross!”

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