Free, again

All sweet nectar’s gone.
Wings entangled in a net.
O to fly free, again.          dlp

Recently our small group Bible study sang “O Happy Day, O Happy Day, when Jesus washed my sins away.” We sang with exuberance and energy, but I sensed something was missing, desperately missing.

Maybe we’re like an American Copper butterfly, sucking dried up nectar from a Mexican petunia, enmeshed in a net, our delight, spontaneity, and purpose also dried up, and trapped by lethargy, indifference, and cooled-off-first love, not realizing we’ve entangled our wings. We fly ignorantly into the net, wiggle and squirm, entangling ourselves till our struggles wear us out. Then with all resources and energies expended, we finally cry out to you God in desperation, “Creator of the butterfly and petunia, Give me back the deep delight of your freedom.” (Psalm 51:12)

When all of life’s sweet nectar–its pleasure, newness, and daily praise–sis gone out of living, we’re left, desperately needing fresh wind under our wings and needing the spiritual boost of the Lord Jesus’ reassuring promise: “My joy might be your joy and your joy  fully mature.” (John 15:11)

Tender, understanding, patient Father, untangle life for us, cup us in your healing hands, and whisper reassuringly to us, “When the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36) Then we’ll fly off with renewed buoyancy–free in unfettered flight, findng that “our hearts leap for joy” again. (Psalm 28:7)  Amen

Have you recently felt that “leap for joy?” Please share.

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