Dialogue with Deity

Ere my feet touch the floor,
       and my mind shifts in gear,
              closer than breath, be near,
                     Lord, as never before.     dlp

Consider these three prayers offered before a cup of coffee, emails, or Fox & Friends:
In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice.   Psalm 5:23
In the morning my spirit passionately longs for you.   Isaiah 26:9
Very early in the morning, Jesus got up to pray.   Mark 1:35

The phrase “in the morning” is symbolic of renewal: to make new again by replacing what is old, worn, exhausted, a dialogue with Deity before life’s bookends squeeze activities, commitments and appointments, yet unsanctified responsibilities, so tight there’s no time for God.

BEFORE you text family or friend, text the One who rejuvenated you in sleep and “never slumbers or sleeps,” and talk over the plans for the day with the closest companion you have.

Join me in prayer as we anoint each day with “Closer than breath, Lord, as never, never before.”

Have you written a prayer you’ve prayed to God?  Please share with us.  leonpippin@gmail.com

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