A Christmas Trust

Let’s do a quickie quiz.  In ten seconds, name five Christmas characters who trusted God unconditionally. (You’ll flunk, if you start with Santa Claus!)

Did you pass the test? I knew you were smart ’cause you’re reading this blog.

Now one more quiz. Can you list these people chronologically? 

If you needed help, here they are.

Mary, an unwed virgin, TRUSTED Gabriel who said, “God has a surprise for you. You’ll be the mother of God’s son.”  Joseph, a humble Nazareth carpenter,  TRUSTED an angel who said, “Joseph, don’t hesitate to marry her. Mary’s pregnancy is Spirit-conceived.” Shepherds, social outcasts, TRUSTED an angel who announced, “I’ve joyful news. The Messiah-Savior has just been born to you, and he’s kicking straw out of a cow’s crib.” Magi, powerful, wealthy Persian scholars, TRUSTED a star to make a pilgrimage to find the newborn King of the Jews. The most incredible–God himself, the power “giant” behind the universe, TRUSTED human beings to care for his son.

And that son one day promised, “Whoever TRUSTS  in me will have eternal life.” Now that’s my kind of  trust!  Eternal trust.  And that’s my kind of Christmas!

Email me with an “I trusted God experience” you’d like to share with others to encourage them. leonpippin@gmail.com

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