An Antique Thanksgiving

Grandmother’s spinning wheel,

     a keepsake of the past,

           sits idle in the corner.

Her granddaughter kept it in the family as a reminder of past warm knitted mittens, sweaters, and socks, all spun from wool and of her grandmother’s prayer, “Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I share your powerful goodness to the next generation, your mighty faithfulness to all who are to come.” (Ps 71:18)

This Thanksgiving when your family gathers around the table and the turkey is sliced, the green bean casserole is savored, the candied sweet potatoes are tasted, and the long-awaited pumpkin pie is cut, together with the love and laughter of warm family togetherness, also enjoy and give thanks for the memories of grandmother

Her contagious love for her Lord, her creaking knees as she got up from her prayers, her hugs scented with rose perfume, her wrinkled fingers turning her tattered Bible to read, “the peace that passes all understanding” to calm her heart when grandfather kissed her goodbye for the last time and then slipped away, her reassurance as she pinched my cheeks and said, “The shepherd of your soul has ‘loved you with an everlasting love’,” and the memory of her favorite scripture paraphrase, “Wherever you go, God always goes with you, closer even than your breath.”

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