Return It Please

A 92-year old man was robbed at his wife’s grave recently. He begged the robber to return his wallet because it was his wife’s last gift to him before she died. A few days later, he found it in his mailbox with all of its contents, except the money.

When asked why he thought the wallet was returned, he replied, “Probably a guilty conscience.”  He didn’t care, though, what made the robber do it; he was just glad to have his wallet back.  “And I’m still going to the cemetery and talk to my wife every day.”

We’d like to think that the robber experienced Psalm 38:4: “My guilt overwhelmed me like a burden too heavy to bear,” but Titus 1:15 probably shows why he didn’t return the money: “To those that are corrupted, both their minds and their consciences are corrupted.”   Regardless of the robber’s motivation, Jeremiah 2:22 applies:  “Although you wash yourself with an abundance of soap, the stain of your guilt is still before me, declares the Sovereign Lord.”

All of us, including the grave site robber, can know the reality of David’s confession: “I acknowledged my sin to  you and you forgave the guilt of my sin” Psalm 32:5.

When God gets a hold of our conscience, more important things happen to us than the return of a wallet.

Got the courage to email about a time when your conscience prompted you to return a stolen “wallet?” 

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