Big Bucks for Autographs

My granddaughter Michelle stood in line one Christmas for more than two hours to get Tom Clancy’s autograph on his latest novel that she was giving her dad, a collector of Clancy novels. Her father values that name.

The Hall of Fame Memorabilia sold a 1934 signed Babe Ruth baseball for more than 15,000 dollars. That Babe Ruth fan collected authentic autographs.

At an auction, Charles Dickens’ novel,  A Tale of Two Cities,  recently sold for more than two million dollars.  That collector treasured Dickens’ name. 

As names are important to us, so names are important also to God. So important that he will be autographing in heaven. Christ promises to those who overcome (all Christians): “I will write on him my new name.” Rev 3:12.  According to Rev 14:1, he will autograph a new name on our foreheads, his eternal new name which will identify us as belonging to him forever and will unify us into one big, happy family.

I’m looking forward to having Christ come to me personally and give me his autograph to keep forever, and I won’t have to negotiate, bid, or pay for it!  It’s free, his gift to me because I am one of his treasured possessions! Heaven is going to be full of many delights; his new name on us is just one of them.

Email me and tell me what delight awaits you in heaven?


One thought on “Big Bucks for Autographs

  1. This will be a great day indeed. Thank you for constantly bringing our focus to our future place of residence. Our future home.

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