A Dagger in Her Heart

A dagger of disappointment pierced her soul and she felt deserted.

Kim Soo left South Korea and came to the United States to marry her American soldier fiance. When she arrived, he told her he no longer wanted her to be his wife.

She felt devastated, deserted, worthless. The humiliation was too much for her to bear. In South Korea, a girl often committed suicide when she was spoken for and then the man deserted her.  In her culture she was an embarrassment to her family. Kim considered ending her life. She said, “I feel like a dagger is piercing my heart.” My wife spent countless hours listening, counseling, and praying through her tears and shame to change her mind about suicide.

It’s hard for Americans to understand a cultural tradition so strong that when a girl was refused in marriage, the honorable thing was to take her own life. We continued to love Kim and to remind her that life is full of disappointments and heartaches and that God himself could heal her pain. We finally convinced her that God had a plan for her and that he’d clarify that plan in his own time and way.

She continued to work as a seamstress and live with us until she was able to live on her own. Then she met a Christian man and they were married. How honored I was to stand with  her as her “father” at that ceremony.

The Scripture Deut. 31:6 took on new meaning for Kim Soo and for us. Her former fiance promised his word but broke it. In contrast, God has promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” and he did not abandon her. Instead, he gave her someone far better. God–in his own time and way–had finally removed the dagger from her heart. 

Have you, like Kim, had to depend on God to help you handle a major disappointment in your life?

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