Body Piercing Saved My Life

     There it was. Painted on the back of a pickup truck in the parking lot at the county fair. “Body piercing saved my life!” I laughed sarcastically. Has anyone ever assumed that punching holes in your body could save you?  Then I saw it. Behind the letters, a shadowed, brown wooden cross.  A  mesmerizing testimony stuck on that pickup as it weaves in and out of traffic.   

      Consider another kind of piercing, the cruel piercing done on a rugged hill. Nails ripped through the wooden symbol of death for transgressors and also ripped through muscles and bones and splattered blood, his holy blood! A Roman spear sliced his side, the side of the kindest and only sin-free man who ever lived.

     But body piercing isn’t new. The prophet Isaiah knew about it, for he says, “He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities . . . and by his wounds we are healed” (53:5). On imperial orders, the Roman soldiers fulfilled that prophecy about 750 years later. 

     After his resurrection, Jesus showed his disciples his pierced hands and feet, proof of his identity. And we’ll recognize him the same way, not by the crowns he wears, but by the scars he bears.   

     We boast in the status and “in thing” of piercing our noses, tongues, navels, and even private body parts, which give nothing more than moments of attention and fleeting gratification. But Christ’s body piercing does not give us fleeting moments of status. Instead, from his piercing, we get a Savior–for eternity.    

     Yes, definitely, body piercing saved my life!

Do you think a person’s body piercings could be a springboard for witnessing to that person?

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