Life Is Like a Soap Bubble

My grandson Michael enjoyed chasing soap bubbles. They lasted until he jumped up and his small hands smacked them. Wham! The bubbles vanished.

Years later, he picked up his best friend Jim to drive him to school on his 18th birthday. As they drove off, Jim shouted to his mother : “I’ll be home right after football practice, mom.” “Ok, see you then.” She planned a surprise party for him that night. His grandparents, his best friend Michael, his girlfriend Pam, and family–all expected to be there to celebrate.

At 6:15 p.m. his mother got a call that reminded her of James 4:14: “What is your life? It is a mist, a soap bubble, that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” His friend was killed when a truck rammed into him as he crossed the street to catch his ride home.

Is the Apostle James trying to make us feel small and insignificant? No! He wants us to get the message. Life is short! There’s no eternal lease on this life whether we’re 18 or 88. We may not be at that surprise birthday party.

So what do we do? We prepare ourselves for that brevity, the soap bubbles of life. We seek the Lord God of creation. When we swing our wands to create soap bubbles, let’s be sure that they are God-filled eternal bubbles. They will never vanish.

See what 2 Samuel 14:14 says about the brevity of life.

Want to share a soap bubble that American Christians tend to chase after?

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